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Soul Sonic Amps & FX

Kit Building Service

Kit Building Service
Under Construction

Hopeless with a soldering iron? Afraid of high voltage?
Let Soul Sonic Amps build that kit for you!

Let an expert build that kit for you and you'll get the best deal out there for a hand-built tube amp. The cost of purchasing the average commercially available kit plus my charges for building it are still substantially less than what you'd pay for a fancy boutique amp (many of which are just dressed-up kits anyway!).

Not only can I build your kit, I can also offer my expert advice to help you with the tough decision of choosing which kit to purchase. Having built many kits, I'm well aware of which ones have the magic and which ones should be avoided. I'm also the original designer of the Weber "Heather" kit, so there isn't a more qualified person on the planet to build that challenging kit for you.

I can build a kit "stock", using the standard circuit design and components, or I could substitute upgraded components for improved performance. The circuit can be modified to suit your needs, and I'm willing to consider any modification within the practical and physical limitations of the circuit.

Here are examples of what I charge to build some standard kits:

- 5F1 Champ - $75

- 5E3 Deluxe - $200

- 5F6A Bassman - $300

- JTM45 (aka 6M45) - $275

- Weber 6M40 - $400

- Weber Heather - $400

These prices do not reflect shipping charges, though in the case of Weber kits, I live in the same town, so you can save a considerable amount on shipping by arranging to have me pick the kit up in person at the Weber shop - that way you don't have to pay to have it shipped 2 to 3 times!

Check out the Gallery to see some previous kit builds I've done.

To discuss building your kit, contact me at:

Each amplifier is a one-of-a-kind collectible piece of the builder's art.

Soul Sonic Amps & FX, Handbuilt in Kokomo, IN - USA
All Photos and Schematics 2007 - M. Chittum